The Lot Project Rebrand

Lot Project Logo.png

The Lot Project was approaching their 10th Anniversary and they felt it was time to update their image. A lot had changed in the last ten years, and they wanted the community to see the difference. Their existing logo was simple but didn't say much about their organization.

As we talked through what the brand should accomplish, it was clear that they needed a way to tie their multiple ministries together but give them each an identity of their own. So as we developed their new brand, we wanted to assign each ministry a logo that connected to their main brand - hence the corresponding ovals in each logo.

The new logo was inspired by the idea of God’s infinite love and old churches with stained glass windows. We wanted to add a tagline to their logo to give people an idea of what they do, and anyone at The Lot Project would tell you that above all, they “just love people.”

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